Which celebrity has a perm? The most iconic perms of all time

The most iconic perms of all time

Hey, do you love perms as much as I do? They are so fun and versatile, and they can give you a whole new look in minutes. But did you know that some of your favorite celebrities also rock perms? That’s right, some of the most famous and glamorous stars have curly hair thanks to perms. Let me tell you about some of them.

First, let’s talk about the queen of pop, Madonna. She has been rocking perms since the 80s, and she still looks amazing with them. She has experimented with different types of perms, from tight curls to loose waves, and she always manages to pull them off. Whether she’s on stage, on the red carpet, or on the street, Madonna’s perm is always on point.

Another celebrity who loves perms is Julia Roberts. She is known for her gorgeous smile and her beautiful curly hair. She first got a perm for her role in Pretty Woman, and she liked it so much that she kept it for years. Her perm gives her hair volume, texture, and movement, and it suits her personality perfectly. She can go from casual to elegant with just a change of outfit and accessories.

A more recent example of a celebrity with a perm is Zendaya. She is one of the most talented and stylish young stars in Hollywood, and she is not afraid to try new things with her hair. She got a perm for her role in The Greatest Showman, and she looked stunning with it. Her perm was soft and natural-looking, and it complemented her features and skin tone. She also showed how versatile a perm can be by styling it in different ways, from ponytails to buns to braids.

These are just some of the celebrities who have perms, but there are many more. Perms are not just a thing of the past, they are a trend that is here to stay. If you are thinking about getting a perm yourself, you should go for it. You can choose from different types of perms, depending on your hair type, length, and preference. You can also consult with a professional stylist who can help you achieve the best results. Perms can give you a fresh and fabulous look that will make you feel like a star.

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