Understanding the cost and process of getting a Perm: What you beed to know

A perm can give your locks the look you want. However, various factors can impact the cost of your perm. These factors include hair length, texture, salon location, stylist experience, add-on services, and geographic region.


Perms can be an excellent way to add volume and save you time from curling your locks with an iron. Unfortunately, they can also be costly; therefore, it is essential to understand their cost before getting one done.

Type and Experience

The price for perms depends on both the type and experience of the stylist. Traditional perms utilize ceramic rollers to form waves and curls in your hair, which is both time-consuming and costly. Digital perms use computers to control rod temperature; although more costly, these techniques provide multiple styles.

Hair Length

Length is also an influential factor when considering the cost of perming; shorter hair requires less product and time for processing, which means it often costs less to perm. For even quicker perms, partial or spot perms offer reduced product use as well as time commitment.


When getting a perm, make sure that your stylist has enough time and sufficient solutions to properly shape all of your locks. This is particularly important if you have long hair; giving each lock its permanent wave takes more time, with longer locks needing additional perming solutions and more powerful electric curlers for proper shaping.

Short Hair

If you have short hair, spot or partial perms can save money and time, taking less time than traditional salon perms and costing as little as $30 each. In addition to this cost-saving measure, consider getting perms done at a styling academy rather than an established salon.

Long Hair

Professional stylists typically complete perming processes in three hours or less depending on your hair length and thickness, though the exact time may differ for every individual. Therefore, it is wise to do your own research before visiting a salon for perming services.


Experienced perming stylists know exactly how to handle every hair type and can help you achieve the style that’s best suited for you. Additionally, knowledgeable stylists will always be honest about the type of results that can be expected and will refer you to someone else if they feel unqualified to complete a specific style themselves.

Stylist Portfolio


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An examination of a stylist’s portfolio should allow you to quickly ascertain their experience level. Some specialize in specific forms of perms, while others can handle more general services like blowouts or updos.

Cost of Services

Basic perms for short hair typically range between $80 and $150, with more intricate perms costing upwards of $250 or more. Furthermore, specialty perms may cost even more. Plus, specialty products may need to be purchased to maintain your perm and ensure its health. Often, salons charge extra fees for haircuts or styling services after perming is performed – something many consumers must be wary of when looking into perms, as this practice has become common at numerous salons.


Equipment plays a large part in the cost of perming hair. A stylist must possess various roller sizes and knowledge of winding techniques, as well as different perm solutions with various strengths. Furthermore, your choice of perm may have an effect; some salons may offer partial perms where only roots are curled, reducing product usage and time requirements.

Hair Care

Curly hair requires extra TLC than straighter varieties to remain healthy and intact, which includes washing it less often and choosing suitable hair care products.

Research and Quotes

Before booking a perm, it is crucial to research stylists in your area and obtain quotes. A good stylist will take time to explain the process, including any chemicals used and potential results. Also, inquire about package deals to save money.

Choosing the Right Stylist

Experienced stylists offering perm services are key for getting quality perms.

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