How Much Does a Perm Usually Cost? (Average Prices)

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If you’re tired of having pin-straight locks or looking to add natural-looking coils to your hair, a perm may be what’s necessary – but, like other salon services, it can be costly. How much does a perm usually cost? It depends on a number of factors, including the length and thickness of your hair, the type of perm you want, and the salon you go to.

There are various strategies you can use to bring down the price of perms, and in this article, we will outline them all. In particular, we will look at what their average costs are as well as factors that contribute to them.

How much does a perm usually cost?

Here is a breakdown of the average perm cost based on hair length:

  • Short hair: $100 to $150
  • Medium-length hair: $150 to $200
  • Long hair: $200 to $400

The costs according to perm types are as follows:

  • Basic Perm: $40 – $150
  • Specialty Perm (e.g., digital or spiral): $150 – $250
  • Salon Reputation and Location: More $20 – $50 or more

Costs depend on the length and thickness of your hair

How much does a perm cost for a girl?
How much does a perm usually cost?

When it comes to your hair, taking good care is paramount. That is why regular trims and using products designed specifically for your texture will keep it healthy and strong.

A perm can be the ideal way to update your look, using chemical solutions to break and reform your hair into its desired form. Pricing varies based on factors like length and thickness of hair.

If you have short hair, a straight perm may be the least costly solution; while for longer locks spiral or wavy perms will cost more. Their results depend on factors like rod size and strength of perm solution or waving lotion used; smaller rods will create tighter curls while larger rods add volume and texture.

The type of perm you choose

How much does a perm cost for mens?
How much does a perm usually cost?

Perms are permanent waves that give body and definition to your hair, eliminating the need for daily straightening and styling, saving both time and effort. But it is important to remember that perms must maintenance – using shampoos, conditioners, and defrizzers tailored towards curly locks can help preserve them over time.

One of the most sought-after perms is a body wave perm, which creates more natural, loose curls. While this technique works on most hair types, highlights may present challenges.

Plain curl perms offer another viable solution, creating uniform curls that are easy to manage. Anyone can use them, and they tend to be less costly than body waves.

Plain curls may also reduce heat usage in hair care; this method could help those wanting to reduce exposure. However, be mindful that excessive use of heat could damage hair.

The type of salon you go to

If you are considering getting a perm, it is crucial that you select an experienced stylist and salon with top-tier services to ensure a successful process and healthy hair after. By taking these steps, your result should be optimal and leave no long- term damage behind.

Perms can create various styles, ranging from loose waves to tight curls and even making your hair appear fuller than it already is. But keep in mind that more expensive perms may offer better results.

Keep in mind that perms can damage hair, especially curly or chemically processed locks, which is why it’s crucial to use heat protectant and limit how often you wash. In addition, whenever possible try not to use hot tools on your locks – when necessary use lower settings with thermal protectants applied beforehand for optimal results.

The length of time it takes to complete the service

Keep in mind that perms require time. Rushing or skimping could damage your hair and produce undesirable results that you won’t like.

Time taken for completion depends on several different variables. They include type of perm you choose and stylist’s experience level – more experienced stylists  typically complete services faster.

Condition plays a significant role in how long perming will take, with curly locks being typically drier due to being less absorbent of natural oils from your scalp than straighter varieties. Therefore, using products designed specifically for curly locks to maintain moisture and keep curls from thinning is necessary in order to successfully perm your locks.

Once your hair has been permed, it is essential to wait at least 48 hours before washing or getting it wet as early washing may loosen or even dismantle the curls and cause them to unravel or come undone altogether.

In this article, we provided an answer to the question of “How much does a perm usually cost?” We welcome your feedback in the comments, both positive and negative.

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