How Much Does a Perm Cost For Mens? The Definitive Guide

How much does a perm cost for mens?

Perms can add texture and volume to your locks, but improper application can be damaging if done incorrectly. By selecting the appropriate products and taking proper care with their use, ensuring that your perm lasts as long as possible will only help the process succeed. Here’s the big question: how much does a perm cost for mens?

Perms have come a long way over time, enabling you to now achieve curls or waves tailored specifically to your hair type and style preferences.

How Much Does a Perm Cost For Mens

Perm cost varies significantly based on hair style, type, salon choice and perm type. Stylists known for great work may charge more. Furthermore, various perm types require either more time or chemicals, which can also affect overall perm cost.

So, how much does a perm cost for mens? It depends on all of the factors mentioned above, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $400.


Straight perms use chemical solutions to straighten naturally curly locks under heat, typically costing $100-$200. Wavy perms create more natural waves in your locks   for an expanded volume effect; typically cheaper than straight perms.

A loose spiral perm transforms your locks into full and voluminous coils with soft defined waves, making your head stand out in school or work environments. Popular among Asian men, this style requires taking proper care to maintain healthy strands; to protect it from damage it’s important not to over wash your hair too often or use products without Sulfates (eg sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner), as well as avoid chlorine and excessive heat styling.


How much does a perm cost for mens?

Perms take time, so if you decide to get one it is essential to plan ahead. Length and thickness will also play a factor in how long it takes to process a perm; while traditional perms may take up to three hours, digital or express perms may only require an hour for processing.

After receiving a perm, it’s crucial to use products designed specifically for curly hair in order to preserve both its shape and volume. Consult your stylist for product recommendations.

Perming is a chemical process that can be harmful to your hair if completed incorrectly or on damaged locks. Be sure to visit a salon that uses only professional- grade products, and opt for senior stylists with experience giving perms. Instead of getting one from an inexperienced junior stylist, visit one who knows how to protect and style it properly to get great results for perming services.


Perms require extensive experience to execute correctly, which is why it’s wiser to seek professional hairstylist services than going for cheap salons. Be prepared to spend several hours at the salon as the treatment may take several hours for longer or thicker locks.

Maintaining the look of a new perm requires using high-quality hair products, to protect the locks from damage and keep it healthy for longer. Avoid washing it too frequently as this can lead to dryness; use less shampoo, leave-in conditioner and salt sprays with kelp extract instead – keeping your locks moisturized between washes will keep it looking shiny and fresh!

When selecting a stylist to perform curl or wave perms, look for those who have extensive experience in these techniques.


When selecting the appropriate stylist for a perm, be sure to select one with  excellent reviews and an outstanding reputation for high-quality work. In addition, the type of perm you get can have an impactful cost-benefit analysis; straight perms straighten naturally curly locks at up to $200.

Normal, or “cold”, perms create curls that become most noticeable when wet; these tend to work best on short to medium hair length. Digital perms create more evident wavy coils that appear when your locks are dry – ideal for longer locks!

One key part of getting a perm is selecting appropriate hair products for maintenance. This will keep your curls healthy and extend their longevity; for example, using salt spray with kelp extract as part of its formulation can provide extra texture and hydration for your curls.

In this article, we provided an answer to the question of “How much does a perm cost for mens?” We welcome your feedback in the comments, both positive and negative.

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