How Much Does a Perm Cost For Medium Length Hair?

What determines the cost of perming will depend on several factors, including style type, salon location and stylist experience.

Experienced stylists may charge more, while where their salon is situated could have an effect on pricing as well.


Perms are chemical treatments designed to alter the texture of your hair. Perms can last from several months up to several years, making them a great alternative to straightening or laborious curling. Prices depend on which style is selected and maintenance products such as salt sprays with kelp extract or strengthening masks must also be factored into any costs associated with perming services.

Opting for a perm at a stylist academy may save money, but you should be wary that there may be risks involved with overprocessing your hair and more may be charged as damage repair costs than usual.

Perming techniques span from acid perms, alkaline perms, digital perms and exothermic processes; their costs depend on factors like solution used and process complexity as well as tools involved. Short hair perms tend to be cheaper as less solution is required than with longer locks.


Perming your hair is a long and complex process, so finding a stylist who works at your pace and provides you with optimal results is of paramount importance. In addition, products designed to extend its longevity like leave-in conditioners or dry oils may prove helpful as well.

Consider going to a styling academy instead, which could save up to 50% over salon perms – just make sure they are licensed and insured first!

Perms are an effective way of adding curls or waves to your hair, but it’s essential to remember that curly locks require regular trimming in order to prevent frizz and tangles. Furthermore, excessive heat or chlorine exposure should be avoided to minimize damage; excessive washing could damage it further; use leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo regularly instead to maintain healthy locks between washes!


Hairspray, perm solution and rods are required for a perm. The amount of each item required depends on your desired perm type and stylist preference; some   techniques require multiple size rods in order to get optimal results. You should also purchase rubber gloves as protection from perm solution exposure.

Modern perms offer more natural-looking results, and reduce heat damage which is harmful to all types of hair but particularly brittle or chemically processed tresses.

After getting your perm, it is ideal to avoid using any hair tools as these could potentially harm the new curls you have created. If necessary, keep heat settings on low settings and always apply thermal protectant products before using any tools.


Men who choose a perm should first consult with their stylist. He or she will examine your hair to ensure it can tolerate perming; otherwise they may recommend another form of curling instead. Some stylists offer partial perms where only roots and ends   of your locks are coiled for those who do not wish to sport an unruly wave-effect throughout.

Most men who opt for a perm will also get their hair cut prior or post perm, to help minimize split ends which may travel upwards and cause breakage of their locks.

If you’re considering getting a perm, be sure to find a reputable salon with experienced stylists and do your research about various types of perms and styles as well as local salons and stylists in order to find the best price that meets your specific hair needs.

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