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Costing of perms depends on many variables: your location, stylist expertise and type of perm you desire all have an effect. How much does a perm cost for long hair?

No matter your desired style – from natural, blown-out waves to effortless beach waves – modern perm techniques offer solutions. Here are a few tips to help you determine whether perming is suitable for you.

Perm cost

Perm cost based on hair length and perm type

Perms may be expensive services, but it’s worthwhile investing in finding a stylist  with excellent reviews who will produce a style you love. Do your research  beforehand on different salons and stylists before making a decision where you want your perm done. Check ratings and prices before settling on one.

Your choice of perm will also have an effect on its cost, for instance normal or “cold” perms tend to be cheaper than digital perms as their curls will only become noticeable once wet while digital perms produce curls that become visible only after drying the hair.

Spot or partial perms tend to be cheaper than full-length ones because the chemicals only apply to parts of your hair that require it. You could save even more by opting for root perms that only apply them near your scalp, thus limiting any potential damage elsewhere in your locks.

Average perm cost for long hair


How much does a perm cost for long hair? (Image by lookstudio on Freepik)

Perms typically take three to four hours to complete due to the long process of applying chemicals to each hair strand and making sure everything is done right. Therefore, it’s wiser to visit an experienced stylist than trying it yourself at home as their tools will enable faster results than what can be accomplished at home.

Perms can be an excellent way to add volume, but you should never cut corners when getting them done. Too much heat and chemicals can damage both hair and scalp; therefore, it’s essential that you research various types of perms and find a skilled stylist who understands them before getting your perm done.


Perm cost depend on several variables, such as hair length and type. Shorter locks tend to be cheaper to perm, and some processes take more time than others to complete. Furthermore, some styles may require special wraps which further increase costs of perming services.

Experienced stylists tend to understand more effectively how to achieve your desired look and can provide more advice about maintaining it. A perm will cost more when performed by those without such knowledge or skills; those who do can often provide additional details regarding maintenance.

Before getting a perm, it is also essential to take your hair’s condition and texture into account. Certain textures may not be able to tolerate the chemicals used during perming – which may result in damage. Furthermore, investing in high-quality maintenance products like salt sprays to add texture and shine to curls as well as strengthening masks can help ensure healthy hair growth.


A great stylist will know exactly how and when to use the appropriate equipment to complete a perm, as perming involves chemical processes which could damage both hair and scalp if handled incorrectly.

Your choice of perm can have an effect on its cost as well. A popular type is body wave perms, which create loose curls. They usually range between $100 and $300 while root perms are designed solely to affect roots and cost between $50 and $150.

Perming male hair typically costs less than its counterpart due to men having shorter locks than women.

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