How Much Does a Mens Perm Cost?

Perms may once have been considered outdated fashion trends, but they have made a comeback among men as part of an effort to achieve a more youthful appearance and conceal any thin areas in their locks.

Perm prices depend on several factors, including length of hair and salon or stylist
selected; however, male perms typically cost less than those performed on female clients.

Perm cost

Men’s perms have gained in popularity as they offer a stylish alternative to conventional hair styles. Used to achieve various looks ranging from loose beach waves and defined curls, perms can add volume and texture to fine or thin locks as well as add volume with proper maintenance; using products tailored towards curly or wavy locks as well as avoiding excessive heat styling are some of the keys factors in their long-term success.

Cost of perms will depend on factors like stylist, location and type. An experienced stylist will likely charge more. When making reservations it is essential to research salons and stylists beforehand to ensure you make an informed decision.

Hair length is the primary determinant of how much a men’s perm will cost. Shorter locks take less time and require fewer rods while longer ones require additional rods along with greater quantities of perming solution and neutralizer.


Perming can damage your hair if done incorrectly, so it is vital that you find a salon with experience in this service and preferably, work with a stylist that specializes exclusively in this perming method as they will have greater knowledge on different types of coils as well as ways to maintain them for a lasting style.

Perms are chemical hair treatments that create permanent waves in your locks. The process involves wrapping your locks around rods and applying chemical solution; after which, they’re left in place for an allotted amount of time before being rinsed off with neutralizer to finish the perm process – the total duration can take two hours depending on the length of your hair as longer locks require additional rods to process effectively and can take more time overall to process than shorter styles. It may also impact which style perm you opt for since some styles work better with long locks than others!


Perms are an effective way to add natural texture and style versatility. Before booking an appointment for one, however, it is crucial that your hair meets all requirements in terms of length and health. You have two choices when it comes to perming styles: cold perms create more noticeable coils when dry while digital perms provide curls which hold better when blow dried than their counterparts.

If you’re feeling intimidated by getting your first perm, talk with your stylist for product recommendations and styling tips. Additionally, they can advise you on the best ways to care for and prevent damage to your new locks; such as using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner while perming as this helps minimize any side effects from chemicals used during perming; additionally using restorative hair oils or soft wax can keep your tresses healthy-looking and shiny!


Though many men still opt for traditional perms, digital perms use less-damaging hair products and infrared heat to produce soft springy waves or curls with springy waves or curls that last up to one hour at most salon settings. They are especially suitable for coarse or resistant textures requiring gentle perming solutions that can be accomplished in as little as an hour!

Men with shorter hair have another option for perming their locks: partial perms are more cost effective than full ones since only part of your coils and curls need to be curled or coilsed, saving money over the longer run.

After getting a perm, it is crucial that men use appropriate hair products in order to keep it looking its best. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are excellent ways to ensure hydrated and healthy-looking locks; leave-in hair treatments such as Biolage Hydrasource Curl Refresher can revive waves, coils, or coils with moisture without crunchiness or stickiness without parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrance – helping prevent frizz or flyaways caused by dryness or dullness resulting from dryness or dullness!

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