How Much Does a Male Perm Cost? How Much to Expect

How much does a male perm cost? How much to expect

If you are considering getting a perm, it is essential that you understand its costs. Your stylist may base their quote on your hair length; many offer discounted perms for short, medium and long locks.

Hair length is the primary factor when it comes to determining how much you pay for a perm, although other aspects can influence this decision as well.


Perm cost (for medium hair)

Men’s perm prices can depend on various factors, including where they visit the salon, stylist’s experience level and length of hair. Longer locks typically require more perming rods and neutralizers compared to shorter hair strands and thus cost more money to perm.

Perms are permanent chemical treatments designed to transform straight hair into wavy or curly locks, making them a popular choice among guys looking for an instant change without cutting their locks. Perms also add texture and volume to thin locks.

Perms can give your hair the look it has always deserved, from loose beach waves to tight curls. But it is important to remember that they can damage it if done incorrectly; therefore, it is wiser to seek a reputable stylist with experience in performing perms on men. Using their services ensures that the resultant perm is healthy and beautiful!


How Much Do Perms Cost For Guys?
How Much Do Perms Cost For Guys?

A good stylist will take time and care in assessing your hair to see if it’s suitable for perming, discussing desired styles, type of curls and duration of perms with you before making this determination.

Perming typically takes 45 minutes and involves applying a chemical solution that breaks apart cysteine bonds that make your hair curly, then neutralizing and then rinsing off with water afterwards.

Hair perms should be done carefully to prevent damage to your locks, especially those chemically treated (dyed or bleached). Utilizing appropriate products and taking proper care when perming chemically treated locks (e.g. dyed or bleached). Regular trimming will also help avoid split ends while prioritizing moisture by washing only once or twice weekly with conditioner afterwards.


Male perms can be an eye-catching and versatile style choice, from adding an edge of sexiness to any of your looks, including fades and undercuts, to helping people with thin or receding hair create the illusion of fullness.

Proper maintenance of perms is essential to their success. This involves using products specifically tailored towards curly or permed hair, as well as scheduling regular trims to eliminate split ends and protect the integrity of your curls or coils. In addition, excessive heat styling should be avoided as this can damage hair shafts.

If you want to try something different with your hairstyle, ask your stylist for a drop fade with curls. This bold and graphic style stands out in any crowd and is the ideal option for men who don’t mind taking risks with their looks. However, before making this choice, do your research and locate a salon specializing in this specific form of haircutting.


Many men opt for partial perms, which involve only curling some of their hair. This method saves money as fewer rods and neutralizer are required. Furthermore, partial perms provide fullness and volume in longer locks while being more cost effective than full perms.

Length is also an influential factor when considering the cost of perming: longer hair will need additional rods and perming solution/neutralizer which will increase costs overall.

Use high-quality hair products such as leave-in conditioners and dry oils to lower costs associated with perming, such as leave-in conditioners. Using these will keep your locks hydrated for an extended period of time, helping it last longer than ever. Bread Beauty Supply’s leave-in conditioning hair cream is an amazing product that keeps perms hydrated without becoming oily; thus preventing limp, lifeless hair.

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