How Much Do Cost of Perm? (Types, Length, Location)

Cost of perms depends on various factors.

Change your hair texture is something you shouldn’t take lightly, and for maximum effect the best way to ensure an impeccable result is to hire a professional stylist.

The cost of perms will depend on your location, stylist’s experience and hair length; here is what they usually cost.

Cost of Perm

Perm cost varies depending on perm type, hair length and location. We have included the average perm cost depending on these factors in the table below.

Type of PermAverage Cost of Perm
Body wave$100-$200
Stack or multi-textured$125-$200
Spot or partial$50-$100
Hair lengthAverage Cost of Perm
LocationAverage Cost of Perm

Cost of perms depends on various factors. These may include your desired hairstyle, stylist experience, salon location and length and thickness of your locks. Furthermore, pricing varies based on these considerations.

Longer hair requires more work and product, prolonging the perming process and increasing damage risk; to be safe when using heat tools it is also wise to apply a thermal protectant beforehand.

If your hair is damaged, a perm may not be the ideal solution for you. Consulting a professional hairstylist may help reduce damage to your strands and determine whether a perm is the appropriate choice for you. In addition, they will recommend the most beneficial aftercare products so that your new curls remain healthy and beautiful while lasting as long as possible.

Cost of the Stylist

As a rule of thumb, salons with outstanding reputations or located in upscale areas tend to charge more than budget salons. Furthermore, stylists with advanced training in perm techniques or length and thickness may command higher fees. The price also may depend on where your hair originates.

Shorter hair usually requires less product and time investment, making it more cost-effective than longer styles. Also important is considering any additional services necessary for maintaining your new curls; stylists often recommend deep conditioning treatments as an additional step.

Be sure to ask your stylist for recommendations on what kind of curl you desire, and come into a perm with an open mind – waiting until you are sure it suits will ensure the best possible experience and look! Perms may last six months or longer so do not end up regretting anything that was done! Additionally, expect to spend several hours at the salon.

Cost of the Equipment

Cost of equipment used in perms depends on several factors, including stylist, salon location and thickness/length of hair. A digital perm typically costs more than its traditional counterpart as it uses different chemicals as well as high-tech machines to do its work.

Before applying a perm, hair must first be washed and wrapped around rods or rollers of various sizes to produce desired curl pattern. Sometimes a stylist will apply conditioning treatments during perming process in order to hydrate and protect hair during this process.

Some stylists recommend specific haircare products to maintain your new style, which may add to the cost of perming it. You may also consider getting a haircut to complete your look – this may incur extra charges. Always speak to a stylist beforehand about recommended styles; don’t commit to long-term curls until you are sure it suits you perfectly!

Cost of the Products

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For luxurious and full curls, a volumizing perm may be your ideal solution. This form of perm uses less aggressive formula and less product, thus being significantly more affordable.

Wavy-textured perms add volume and movement to your locks while subtly shaping each strand. They pair particularly well with curtain bangs, producing soft waves that perfectly complement your facial structure. Prices typically fall within $100 range for this perm type.

Curly or wavy hair requires special care in order to remain looking healthy. Avoid overstyling it, use a deep conditioner, avoid sun/chlorine exposure as much as possible and wear a hat when available – by following these guidelines your curls should last a longer.

In this article, we included information about the cost of perm. We welcome your positive and negative opinions.

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